Passion for Birth – Childbirth Educator Training; May 2012; Presented by: Teri Shilling  MS, CD(DONA), IBCLC, LCCE, CEO and Founder of Passion for Birth and Sharon Muza BS, CD(DONA), LCCE.

Certified Birth Doula (PALS); March 2012!! 🙂

Placenta Encapsulation Class for Doula’s – Seattle, WA. Fall 2011; Presented by: Carrie Kenner, CD (PALS and DONA)

PALS Doulas Advanced Doula Training Workshop – Supporting the Journey, Avoiding the Obstacles: Working with VBAC clients, Sept. 2011 (3.5 hour course)

PALS Doulas Member, July 2011

Birth and Beyond -The Basic’s of Breastfeeding for Doulas, Jan. 2011 (3 hour course)

DONA International Member, Fall 2010

Bastyr University – Birth Doula Skills Workshop – Nov. and Dec. 2010 (32 hour course)


3 responses to “Training

  1. Update 7/3/11: I’m currently working towards my PALS doulas and DONA International certifications… Exciting stuff!

  2. Update 2/16/12: I completed my PALS certification packet, and have mailed it in! The paperwork is then sent on the an approval committee. From 6-8 weeks from Monday, I am hoping to be a certified birth doula through PALS Doulas! DONA paperwork still in progress!

  3. Update: As of March 2012, I am a Certified Birth Doula! (CD, PALS)

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