Melissa was wonderful! This was our first, and having Melissa’s calming, supportive presence with us throughout really helped me (and my husband). From our first meeting, Melissa put me at ease with her professional yet warm demeanor; she made sure to really listen to my preferences, desires, and fears. When I went into labor at 5:00 AM, Melissa was cheerfully at my side, despite the early wake-up call. Having Melissa with us helped us feel comfortable and safe laboring at home for as long as possible, and when we decided to go into the hospital, Melissa never left my side. Melissa supported my unmedicated labor, and her suggestions for easing the discomfort were invaluable throughout. I had hoped to have an unmedicated birth–without Melissa’s constant support, both physical and emotional, I don’t know if I could have done it. – SJ {mother}


I am so glad we hired Melissa as our doula for the birth of our second son. She was the right fit for us: down to earth and realistic, a good listener, and a very calm presence. Since this was my second birth, I knew exactly what I wanted and Melissa was it. She was a quiet strength for me during my very short labor and I didn’t hesitiate to (quite literally) lean on her when I needed to do so. She supported my unmedicated birth with reassuring words and then was able to quickly grab her camera and catch some amazing shots post-birth. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Melissa to anyone embarking on their birth journey! -EJ {mother}



“In the interview process, I was looking for my perfect match. I am picky. Melissa showed up to our interview prepared with consents, information sheets, and questions. I needed someone who was confident enough for me to relax and not have to run the show. I was pleasantly surprised to have her ask ME questions. At the same time, she listened to my story, was genuinely interested and had a very caring, patient and calm demeanor. We had a few laughs, which is KEY for me! On the way home my husband told me there was no question- we should hire her.

The icing on the cake is that she is also a professional photographer! I dreamt of having birth photos and she sure delivered. In fact, she did our maternity shoot and newborn photos.

Our labor/birth was very exciting. While attempting a home birth, she assisted my husband in helping me work through the contractions and intense back labor. She spent hours trading off with him-giving me the back counter-pressure I needed, sips of water and words of encouragement. She worked very well with my midwife, letting her run the show. She took photos like a ninja without flash and she raced to the hospital with us when I became in need of an emergency c-section. She captured the most intimate and precious first moments with our daughter. She knew very well that a c-section was my worst nightmare and the hospital experience a close 2nd. She nurtured me through and surprisingly, I accepted the whole situation calmly and with joy.

Melissa continues to be my friend and I’m happy to have her in the center of my memories of that wonderful season in our life. ” -LB {mother}


“We are so lucky to have found Melissa to be our doula.  Her presence is calm, her voice is soothing, and both my husband and I were so glad to have her help during the birth of our second child.  She was respectful of my way of birthing, and was supportive throughout.  I was perfectly comfortable in her presence while I labored.  I am particularly grateful for another gift of hers: photography.  As soon as my son was born, she was (at my request) taking photos of our first moments together.  She was able to go from holding my leg while I pushed to shooting professional photos in the blink of an eye, and didn’t miss a beat.  I treasure the gift her presence gave us–that of a supportive doula, and of someone to capture the moment we met our son.” – ER {mother}


“Melissa Thompson was a great doula for the birth of our second child. When my first child was born my mom was there and provided me the support needed to deal with labor and everything. My mom passed away when I was pregnant with our second child and I realized that it would be helpful to have someone else in the delivery room to ensure that my birth plan was followed and to help me as I tried to go without any pain medication for this second birth. I was referred to Melissa and we immediately connected on her first visit to my home. She understood my needs, listened to how the birth of our first child went and then went over the birth plan I wanted this time around. She was very thorough with her questions and had some great advice, from how to try to get the baby to turn (she was breech until shortly before the birth) to how to help my son understand what was going to happen. Melissa made a total of two home visits before the birth and one after and gave me great information on every visit. During the birth Melissa was there to offer support, whether it was walking the hallways, providing me with a headband because I forgot mine, or just ensuring that I was relaxing and breathing through each contraction. When my labor lasted longer than I expected and I made the decision to use pain medication and allow the doctor to administer pitocin to allow me to progress further, she gently reminded me what my original plan was and discussed it with me to be sure I would not be disappointed with the way things were turning out. After the birth on her last home visit Melissa helped me talk through how breast feeding was going for me this time around (it was difficult the first time, making me apprehensive). If we were to have another baby, I would definitely request Melissa again, she was exactly what I needed!” MB {mother}


“Having Melissa with us was incredibly helpful. I don’t think I would have been able to give birth un-medicated without her!” -SJ {mother}


“…Fantastic support, calm, reassuring, positive energy.” Nurse @ UWMC


“… did a great job providing labor support. Would suggest her for other patients and recommend her highly.” Midwife @ UWMC


“… great rapport and presence (for) the patient and her husband.” Midwife @ UWMC


“Very helpful and supportive team member- good, calm presence.” OB @ Evergreen Hospital


“Excellent rapport with family. Easy to work with as {a} nurse. Very helpful and perceptive.” Nurse @ Evergreen Hospital


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