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Introducing ::: Benjamin Bao!

This family has been enthusiastic from the first moment I met up with them. Welcoming me into their home, and sharing with me their wishes and desires for their child’s ideal birth. I would like to warmly congratulate the glowing first-time parents! I hope you enjoy these photo’s as much as I have editing each frame, and bringing me back to their birth time after time. On August 14th, at 7:27 am, Benjamin Bao was born. Weighing in at 7lbs and 2.8 ounces, 20 inches long!

Some classical music streaming to lighten the mood.

Some mommy and daddy skin to skin time!

More love from the proud papa…

Congratulations Lam and Azar!

~Melissa {© 2011 Melissa Thompson Photography}


Birth Photography update!

As you may know, I am a Photographer as well as a Birth Doula. I just attended my first birth (besides my own with my daughter); what an exhilarating experience! I am looking forward to posting some pics on here (after I receive approval from the parents). I know I am definitely looking forward to my next clients’ birth as well in a few short weeks.
I hope to also post a few captions from the birth story I have yet to type up about my experience and a time line of the events leading up to the birth of Herschel. (LOVE his name, it’s old-fashioned; just like my daughters’ name.)

Ina May’s an inspiration

As I snuggle up with ‘Ina May’s guide to Childbirth’, I realize how excited and anxious I am for my new clients, and for their much-anticipated estimated due date next week. Ina May has this amazing way to describe birth, a magical and euphoric experience one never forgots.

It brings back the memories from my daughters birth, one I need to document.

Well, I’m going back to my midnight reading for now… My next read will most likely be ‘Baby-Catcher’, so excited as I’ve glanced at numerous praise for the book.

Night for now,


Hello world!

Welcome to empowering birth doula blog! I have a serious passion for birth, and want to share that with others through being an advocate for the laboring mother. As a mother myself, I feel a special connection to the process, and know what an amazing and empowering experience childbirth can be.